1.1 To promote understanding of the thinking, the culture, and the social structures of the past and present China.

1.2 To promote friendship among members.

1.3 To cooperate with the local Chinese community.


2.1 Any person resident in the Cambridge area, who is interested in the activities and welfare of the Society, is eligible to become a member.
2.2 All members shall pay their subscription fees, the amount of which is subject to annual revision.
2.3 All members shall have the right to be present at any of the Society’s meetings, to vote and to be elected as an Executive Member.
2.4 Honorary Member
2.4a Distinguished persons who may or may not be members of the Society can be proposed by the Executive Committee (see paragraph 3) to be elected to Honorary membership by the Society at the Annual General Meeting (hereinafter referred to as the ‘AGM’).
2.4b The said proposal in (a) above must be made before the break of Michaelmas full term if the said proposal is to be considered in the AGM of the same academic year.
2.4c For the said proposal in (a) to be carried forward, 80% of those present in the AGM must vote for it (the proposal).
2.4d Honorary Members do not have to pay membership fees but cannot vote at any meeting nor are eligible for offices in the Society.


3.1 The E.C. shall consist of the President and six other elected members.
3.2 The E.C. shall organise activities for the Society related to the aims set out in paragraph 1.
3.3 An election of the E.C. shall be at the AGM.
3.4 Any nomination shall be made in writing and signed by the nominee.
3.5 Before the AGM, the E.C. shall send to each member a list of nominees.
3.6 Election for the Presidency shall be conducted prior to and separated from the election of the remaining six E.C. members.
3.7 The first six nominees who get the highest votes are considered elected.
3.8 The existing E.C. shall appoint two returning officers to the counting of votes which any member has the right to witness.


4.1 The E.C. may appoint Sub-committees, each responsible for a particular activity or activities of the society.


5.1 The AGM shall be held annually in March.
5.2 The agenda shall include:-
a) the report from the E.C.,
b) the financial report,
c) the election of the new E.C..
5.3 An Extraordinary General Meeting (‘EGM’) can be called by the E.C., by twenty members, or by the Senior Treasurer.
5.4 The E.C. shall send the agenda to the members five days before the AGM or EGM.
5.5 Voting will be by simple majority of attending members and ballot votes, unless otherwise stated.


6.1 The Fund was established for the benefit of the members.

6.2 Donations to the Fund shall be kept in an account separate from that of the Society’s general account, and only interest accruing therefrom can be utilised by the Society in accordance with its aims (see paragraph 1).


7.1 Any net profit made at the end of the year (for this purpose the end of the year shall be taken to the end of Lent Term), after making allowances for the summer term expenses, shall be added to the Fund (see paragraph 6).


8.1 To vote on any proposed amendment of the Constitution in a GM (either AGM or EGM), a quorum of 50% of the members must be present.
8.2 To carry out the proposed amendment, 50% of those present must vote for the said proposal.


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